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Cleoo designs AI powered lead generation solutions offering a pre-set price per goal and a money back guarantee on undelivered results.

Pay Per Goal

The Elysa PPG model is an AI-powered lead generation solution that generates leads through our own Ad Network and other digital channels. The beauty of this model is that you only pay per lead generated.
Furthermore, there is no commitment period. As our customer, you simply prepay for a certain number of leads and determine the maximum number of leads you can digest. No setup costs or fixed handling fees are involved.
Commitment period: None
Price: Pay per lead received
Budget: set your own maximum amount

Elysa PPG Goals

Rated leads
You will receive leads through our fully automated, AI-driven system. This includes automated checks on email addresses and phone numbers.
Sales qualified lead
Once a lead is received, a Cleoo sales agent will contact the lead and confirm his or her interest in your product/service before sending it to you.
A sales expert from the Cleoo team will book meetings in your calendar for you.

Cleoo will decide which of the following platforms will be used for your promotion: Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the Cleoo Ad Network.

Other channels

4 simple steps to start a collaboration with Cleoo

We set a maximum cap together with you
We decide on a cap together with you within 1 week. How many goals can you digest?
We set a cost per goal together with you
We decide together on a fair cost per goal. How much is your investment per goal?
We do the visuals & the positioning together with you for free
We launch your promotion within the second week. How is your company represented online?
We send you a free monthly report outlining your campaign results
Enjoy a quick overview of your campaign & the number leads generated at the end of each month.

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