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Leisure industry

Over the past month, there has been a noticeable spike in a wide variety of digital leisure activities. See the source here.

Most people either book well in advance (early bookings) or at the last minute.

67% of leisure activities are being disrupted by digital leisure activities.

Social applications and online fitness have seen the most dramatic uptake, but there is a variety of growing niche activities: online music; online cooking; online cultural events; online home & gardening tutorials; online dating.

Online hobbies appear to be the largest subset of “new” digital leisure activities where individuals either maintain or increase their pre-COVID-19 use levels.

What are your challenges?

Staying visible online and continuing to invest in marketing without significant short term results.
Keeping track of the fact that a continuous focus on user experience and the quality of the customer journey can yield lasting benefits; product innovation tends to be more short-lived.
Needing to adapt to customer demands faster than ever, while facing an increased level of competition.
Limited resources and knowledge for agile changes.

How do we solve them?

There are a number of key questions for businesses looking to succeed in this space

Key Questions for Leisure Operators. See the source here.
Which customer groups are you targeting and what are their specific needs from a digital solution? What is the problem you’re solving for?
How is your proposition differentiated versus generalist user-generated platforms such as YouTube? What’s your right to win and how can you enhance this?
How can you use data and machine learning to enhance the user experience and improve content curation?
How do you foster a user community and encourage healthy interactions and even competition amongst the user base? How can you link in with other digital / social communities?
How can you link in with the physical world – either through your own physical space or through partnerships with others?
What are your options for monetisation, and what is the right pricing strategy? Are there creative incremental revenue streams from a supply-side that could support the economics?
Our solution

Our secret sauce is to combine our AI technology with 12 years of experience in growing businesses across the globe.

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