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Introducing Elysa - an AI-powered, full service online marketing solution. It guarantees that you’ll achieve a predefined number of goals for your budget.

Designed for : Small to medium sized businesses who want to get the biggest bang for their online marketing buck, but who don’t have the in-house knowledge.
We create your ads, set-up your digital campaign manually and work with AI technology to reach optimal performance. Gain a competitive edge with the best of human expertise and AI intelligence. Share the risk with us and grow together.

Cleoo & Elysa AI

For companies with clearly defined online marketing goals who are dissatisfied with their current online marketing results. We work with Elysa and you to design the best strategy to increase your ROI.

This is how we make it work:

Marketing experts
Cleoo team
Create ads
Set-up keywords
Set-up targeting
Set-up channels
Set-up tracking
Create landing pages
Prepare reports and provide customer support
Artificial Intelligence
Evaluate best-performing ads
Optimise keywords
Evaluate best-performing channels
Optimise budget distribution cross channels
Track budget expenditure vs. number of goals achieved
Provide feedback on set-up optimisation
Work 24/7 on optimisation & adaptation
AI meets
advertising experts
Powerful A/B ad
360° cross-platform

Your Elysa-powered digital marketing consists of two phases

Foundation phase
We create your baseline data during the first three months. You will receive guaranteed leads and/or orders during this period.
Growth phase
The growth phase kicks in from the fourth month onwards. This is when optimisation creates ever-increasing returns on your investment.

Our product

Our Elysa product suite combines our in-house expertise with cutting-edge AI to achieve unparalleled digital marketing performance.


Powered by sophisticated technology and human expertise, Elysa will identify the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy for your business. Underperforming channels, keywords and ads will be filtered out. 
With no set-up fees, increased conversions, reduced acquisition costs, and a money-back guarantee, you only pay for performance. 
Explore a new paradigm for establishing and maintaining your digital presence today. 


Elysa Boost

Need extra exposure in a key month? Assign extra budget to your Elysa Guarantee package via a one-off Elysa Boost and achieve newly-defined, guaranteed goals.

Elysa Promo

Running a special campaign or promotion? Support your campaign strategy with a defined goal guarantee. Elysa Promo adds additional theme to your regular Elysa Guarantee package for a set period of time.

Elysa Variable

This is only available to existing clients. Level up your Elysa Guarantee with this intelligent and flexible growth option. Contact your Cleoo account manager for more information.

Here is a short guide to how Elysa AI operates :

You don’t just get adaptive AI with powerful machine learning – you also get complete access to a dedicated, expert digital marketing team who’ll be in close contact with you throughout your campaign.


Ad Creation




Automation &
Artificial Intelligence


Reporting &

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