Inbound Ambassador

Ambassador Programme

Spread the word about Cleoo’s services, introduce us to the right people and earn commission for every deal that we close.

The industries we specialise in:

B2B services

Our values:

Risk-sharing is caring
Be tenacious
Do the right thing
Think unconventionally
Numbers trump emotions
Be entrepreneurial

Please review the following criteria:

An Ambassador can be based anywhere in the world.
Referred customers must be willing to sign a Swiss, Singaporean or UK contract.
An Ambassador can be anyone with a large B2B network.
Referred customers must want to promote themselves in English, French or German.

Your Ambassador Tasks

Introduce Cleoo to potential customers using an email template.
Organise a short online group call for all 3 parties - yourself, Cleoo and the potential customer.
After a 10 minute introduction we will take over and proceed with our product presentation.

Take advantage of our free content presentation so you can test and implement the approach for your own business.

Special offer

We also have a special  introductory offer (to support your SME) at the end of the presentation.

The Ideal Profile of an Inbound Ambassador

Great B2B network
Between 30-50 years old
Medium to higher income
Senior role
Background in sales & marketing
Interested in technology
Able to promote our solutions to potential customers
The Ambassador can have a fixed employment
The Ambassador can be a freelance or self-employed
The Ambassador can be an external online influencer

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